Happy Mother's Day!

May 09, 2020 | 0 Comments

My mom has volumes of incredible photo albums, meticulously organized into years and subjects - all from another time, when she filled her days photographing the rodeo, Mule Days in Winnemucca, pack trips into the mountains she went on with my dad and their friends... onto our daily family life, holidays and vacations. This documentation means so much to me and I thought to share some of her photos here as I think they are so beautiful. It's also Mother's Day tomorrow and I wanted to make a little tribute to her. My mom grew up on a ranch - The Alisal Ranch in Solvang, CA. It was a golden age for lots of reasons, but for her as a child, she was free to jump on a horse and be gone for the day... to roam, to wander, to find friends and be in nature. I think this was her most important education - and I wish we could all give this to our kids. As she raised us, the attention and care she put into the creation of our daily lives - family meals, our halloween costumes (a huge inspiration for my clothing collection!!),  the houses we lived in, the gardens we created - has always filled me with admiration for her.  The documentation she made of it is another huge part of it all - how special to be able to look back and spark our memories of different moments. Not only was she a great photographer, but she was also so good at putting it all together. My mom is self taught in all aesthetic interests - she was wallpapering an entire house at the age of 19 and she has always put so much love and care into creating spaces and gardens that are welcoming and warm. Spaces that make you feel good. It is a talent she naturally has in her, and also one that was nurtured by all her time in nature as a child and her first generation Portuguese and Dutch grandparents. My mom was able to turn her passion for interiors and beauty into a business when she opened her first shop 20 years ago. I was in school at the time, but joined her in business after being away for a few years - we have now had Bon together for 16 years. It has been a shared love of ours and we are so thankful to come into work every day and be together.

I hope you enjoy looking at some of her photos <3  

Wishing all the moms and mother figures out there a wonderful Mother's Day. It's important to celebrate you all the time, but it's also nice to make a special day of it :)  


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