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The warm weather is here, and it is likely following suit in many places. This time of year always makes us dream of crisp, cool, white. We made our collection this year to feel light and cool... pieces that can be worn different ways, that can be layered to suit the time of day, a change in weather and different occasions. Above, Heather wears our Pintuck Dress in white - she has it tied in the front. It can also be tied in the back and it can be cinched tight, or it can be loose for a different feel. She also wears our Puff Dress in blue and white ticking stripe. This has a lot of room between the garment and the body, making it so comfortable for Summer. In the last photo, she wears our Ruffle Shirt and Tie Back Skirt in white. All these pieces are made of beautiful Japanese typewriter cottons. This is a finely an densely woven cotton that is light, but super crisp. We love it and use it for most of what we make. There are covered button details, French seams and pockets <3 These pieces are all available in our online shop... throughout the wardrobe section. A few are on hangers, and some are shown on Molly. 

On another note, we are continuing to wait and see when it feels like the right time to open our actual shop. We remain closed, but are reassessing weekly with openness and in the spirit of what's best for all of us. We will continue to add as much as we can each week to our online shop - we plan to keep it at least as full as it is now for the foreseeable future. We so appreciate all your support, and we want to continue to make available online what we before were only able to display in our actual shop. There is still much more in our shop than we can put online, but who knows what the future may hold. We are so moved by the support so far and we will do what we can to keep our site in top shape for you! We have placed new fun orders with many of the different designers and makers we carry. We think it will be an exciting time as they carefully open back up - whenever that time is right for them. And by exciting, I mean new creative ideas, new ways of doing things, etc. We likely have a long road ahead of us, but within that we can all be inspired to make new things and think in new ways <3 That is how we are looking at it.

Sending love to you all - we are so lucky for you! <3 

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