June 22, 2020 | 0 Comments

The combination of the most beautiful fine fabrics with an exacting simplicity in design and finishing is what we really love about Apunto b. You can see in the above photos the Peter Pan Cotton Coat - there is no extra stitching where it is not absolutely needed, the buttons are small and understated, everything is clean and minimal. And for these reasons, the fabric can speak. Apunto b. uses the most special fabrics  - all are refined, yet with an organic feel that gives them a wonderful depth of beauty. We see just how special they are because there are no distractions. We are always in awe when buying Apunto b. for the shop... and the feeling comes right back when we receive our orders. To achieve simplicity that is not simply simple... that is exactly what it needs to be for fit and style without adding an extra stitch where it doesn't need to be, is painstakingly difficult. Apunto b. sets the bar - we are such big fans <3 

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