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A new season is almost upon us, and with it comes about 6 months of living in new ways... some of which are very hard - isolation, uncertainty and constant transition to name a few. What a time we have all had! We hope you are staying healthy and taking good care amidst it all - and we also hope you are able to find moments of happiness and joy. Perhaps now more than ever, the small things, the details, the sounds and sights we may have overlooked before, mean the most. There are lots of positive things that have also come from this experience.

A little bit about what we have been up to throughout the Summer ~

My mom and I have been doing what we can to keep our business going, to keep finding beautiful things in meaningful ways, to continue supporting our designers and makers and to display it more online in a way that shows how we would use it or how we would put it together. We did not have to cancel one order we placed with the designers we carry - and for that we are so grateful. We have also spent time throughout the summer to prepare for the day we might reopen (which ended up happening in a small way last week). We built a shipping station so that we can keep shipping speedily to you. In the way that we like to be helpful in person at our shop, we also want to be helpful online by getting your orders to you quickly - as we so appreciate each and every one of them! We knew that once we reopened, we would need to have the proper space for this if we wanted to keep doing it properly. Now that we have reopened, we are very happy to have this space dedicated to this purpose. And as the season changes, we go into our shop season of buying for Spring. It will be a new experience, but we are excited to see our designer friends and to hear what they have been up to and what they have been creating. Outside of the shop, we have grown gardens, tended to chickens, there was even a surgery my mom had to have on her back that she is now recovering from. Our son has just begun school online and wow, it is incredible what the teachers have gone through to prepare for this. We are in awe as parents! My partner Naïm, who is a musician, has been making new work with friends despite the disappearing industry he works in. I know from watching him, that the artists are always pushing us forward, bringing new ways of looking at things. Beauty is important and we need it. Whether it is from music, nature, art, textiles that have rich history, or clothing that allows us to express who we are. Beauty and relationships, we need both! Throughout the Summer, my mom and I repeatedly said to each other how lucky we are for the kindest, most wonderful clients and friends - these relationships mean so much to us. We love talking with you on the phone, helping with questions through email... and now we are also so excited to start seeing some of you at the shop - a new phase now begins! Everyone who has come by has been just wonderful and we love seeing you! You have made reopening in a safe way easier than we anticipated. Sending love your way <3 Thank you for everything these last 6 months <3 Here's to a new season!


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