October 13, 2020 | 0 Comments

When we are buying clothing for our shop, one of the main things on our mind is quality and longevity. We are really attracted to pieces that are not only going to last a really long time, but are also timeless in style - classic and forever - that you can make your own depending on what you wear with it. We love personal style, its consistency and its evolution over time - we love pieces that can grow with us. The care and attention that goes into beautifully made clothing carries into the life of these garments. As times change, the artistry and hand in these pieces keeps them in their own realm - the times are irrelevant. This is elegance to us. We choose carefully for our shop - everything we pick is something we would wear or use ourselves for years to come. Sharing with you above some favorites - all with incredible textures and beautiful styles. These pieces can be worn so many different ways - with layers, without... with a scarf, with cuffed sleeves, with something tucked in or out. All are timeless, all are beautifully made and all look great on! 

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