February 06, 2021 | 0 Comments

Beautiful pieces by Astier de VIllatte + John Derian - they make such wonderful gifts as they are so fun to receive! Did you know that each Astier piece has an AV stamp on the bottom and below that there are other initials. Those are the initials of the person who actually crafted that piece. Astier employs all Tibetan refugees, and this small team makes each piece by hand. Each craftsman stamps their initials to indicate the pieces they created. The beauty of Astier de Villatte is the feel of the hand that comes through the pieces - no two are alike, and the amazing craftsmen making them all have their own unique styles and differences. The scene in the workshop is quite special - a small group sitting around a couple of wood tables, creating each piece with all its intricacies and details. We visited a couple years ago and we will never forget the experience - the care and attention was felt in the air. When we receive our packages from Astier, the memories of the workshop become present again - and we know what it took to make everything in our package. We are then so happy to share it all with you!

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