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We love strong color! Shown above is the Khadi and Co. wool shawl - it can be worn or used as a throw. It is also available in a beautiful nutmeg. We think this makes a beautiful gift - bringing coziness and warmth! 

A note on holidays, hours, etc... 

We have had quite a bit of holiday shopping already at the shop and questions from clients about holiday things, so we thought to mention and remind you that we are happy to send gifts directly for you at any point in time. You can put the receiver's address in for the shipping address and leave us a note at checkout (there is a little spot on the right hand side of the page for this) - with the message you would like on a card and we will send it off wrapped beautifully and with your note included. We ship quickly so try not to forget the note - if we are sent an email after your order is placed, there is a chance we can miss it before the package goes out. We are filling our online shop with many beautiful gifts throughout each section and our "holiday" collection of decorations and goodies will be coming on November 1. We hope everyone has fun with thinking of special gifts for loved ones :) 

For holiday hours, we are trying to think of a way to extend our "open hours" at the shop. During the pandemic, we have begun to do so much more online, but we want to also be here for our community... so we are thinking hard about how we can do both well and efficiently while also leaving our minds and creativity intact :) We will keep you updated on this as we get closer. We do know that new hours won't start until the day after Thanksgiving. Until then we continue to be open Wednesday through Sunday, 12 to 4.

Holiday Party - We hope this can happen, but are waiting to make the final decision until the time is closer. It would be wonderful to have it again this year after missing it last year... so if it's possible, we will have a party! 

We love the holidays, we love helping you pick out gifts... wrap them... we simply love seeing you. It is always a blast at the shop this time of year - and that makes us happy because that's how it should be! 

Thank you as always for thinking of us for your gifts - whether they are for yourself or your loved ones. We are grateful for every single order <3  

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