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Beautiful pieces together... and thoughts for gifts :) Each one of these pieces is so lovely to give as a gift on its own... or with one of the others. We choose each and every piece for our shop because we love it - and we also imagine different things working beautifully with others from different makers. It's really a passion of ours to put things together in this way :) We will list each piece below - 

1. The Green Vase paper white flowers - these are so lovely and festive for the holidays. One is beautiful on its own, and we also love to fill an Astier de Villatte vase with them to make an arrangement. These are in our holiday section.

2. Moismont wool plaid scarf in evergreen - This is such a cozy scarf. It has a lofty, thick texture that makes it very warm. It is available in three different colors - evergreen, squirrel and navy. Each color is on a cream background. We love wearing these with winter whites <3 These are in our wardrobe section, all the colors are listed together.

3. Handmade moccasins - These have been an absolute favorite at our shop for many years. We first discovered them by our friend Lily who was moving to Tucson from New York about 15 years ago. She was wearing these moccasins and was so kind to share who made them with us. We have carried them ever since. They are handmade and native made in Canada. They are made of the softest deerskin. We can't recommend these enough! These are in our gift section along with all the wonderful pajamas.

4. Apuntob alpaca and wool pullover - This is a lovely sweater with a very soft feel to it. It is the perfect weight for layering. We love it with a Pip Squeak Chapeau boy shirt underneath. It then easily fits under a coat or more layers. This looks great with jeans - and we also love it with the Apuntob cream corduroy pants for a winter white outfit. Another stunning combination is this sweater with the boy shirt underneath, the Apuntob Cotton Wrinkle trousers in black and the Repetto black patent jazz shoes. This looks so sharp! This is in our wardrobe section.

5. Pip Squeak Chapeau boy shirt - This is another longtime favorite at our shop. It's one of those uniform pieces that we try to keep in stock, as it is such an easy, versatile go to. My mom and I wear ours all the time and in many different ways. They come in linen and cotton batiste. They also come in two lengths for different preferences. These are a classic - we hope to carry them for a long time to come! These are in our wardrobe section - each color and length listed separately. 

6. Nishiguchi Kutsushita wool socks - These are cozy and warm. They come in beautiful natural colors. These are so lovely to give with a pair of the moccasins. We just love them! These are in our wardrobe section.

Thank you for following along :) As we do each year, we will continue to bring you more gift ideas here on our blog <3 


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