February 22, 2022 | 0 Comments

A few pieces we could not be more thrilled about. We have received a beautiful new assortment from Makié - which just always gets us! Makié's pieces are so perfectly executed - from start to finish. The perfection in the design strips away anything extra in an exacting, exciting way. We look at a Makié piece and are so moved by how it is put together, how it is so clean and smartly made from the beginning of design to the end of the tiny stitches. We are completely taken with these pieces and we love to imagine different ways to wear them. They are a finished canvas on their own, but can also lend themselves to the play of interpretation - and that we love! Our dear Chloe wears above the Sleeveless Dress in black (it also comes in white which is also absolutely stunning!) and the Parker Coat. Both are so easy to wear and beautifully made. We add textiles in stripes and plaids to these pieces for one way of wearing. You can see more about the fabrics and details in our wardrobe section. Enjoy! 

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