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As we mentioned in our last post, making these photo series is one way we like to honor the designers we carry and they are our expression of what we feel each year. When we can we also like to make special things for our series. Many times this means making something out of paper - which is something we love to do. This time it was the dress and hats shown above. These pieces are made of wool felt squares that we stitched onto tulle and from there we made the dress and the hats. We were inspired by the location of where we were going - White Sands, New Mexico. We imagined a symmetrical pattern (but only by eye) against the backdrop of the natural landscape - the white of the pieces matching that of the sand. Chloe wore this dress with the Sula Sunshiny Dress underneath which was a lovely combination. The pieces we made were only for fun, only for the desire to make them - and in the process new ideas came for our small clothing collection that will be made as wearable pieces. We are working on these for next year. One thing leads to the next, always! The movement of the hands brings the movement of the mind <3

Thank you Kate for helping with these pieces <3 It was such a pleasure to make them for this series and to collaborate not only on the photos, but also the ideas for all of it <3 www.kate-edmonson.com


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