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Our favorite jeans.

Levi's Vintage Clothing was propelled in response to a growing interest in original Levi's jeans - in Japan and later in the US. This collection was launched with the idea to replicate the 501's in all its iterations, going back to the year 1890. Every year that there was a new 501 introduced, along with it came new dimensions, new details, and new necessities. The 1937 501 shown above was introduced during the Great Depression when work was hard to find, and many people had lost their farms and homes. There were great shifts in style since the previous 501 style came out in 1933. One big shift was the popularity in belts. Whereas the 1933 501's had both a cinch back and buttons for suspenders, the 1937 model eliminated the suspender buttons. For those who were hooked on the suspender buttons, there were press ons buttons that could be bought separately and added to the jeans. Another details that changed in 1937 were the pocket rivets. People had complained about the rivets scratching their furniture and saddles. This lead to a new way of including the rivets, but concealing them with denim, under the pocket. This was also the first year the red tab was utilized to differentiate Levi's from other denim brands. The red tab became an integral part of the identity of the brand. 

Levi's Vintage Clothing was made in the US until a few years ago when ownership of Cone Mills in North Carolina changed. This is where the denim had been made for Levi's since 1915... throughout this long history of the company and all the change in styles... and into the reproduction of these styles with Levi's Vintage Clothing. With the change in the mill, came a change in place of production from the United States to Japan. The collection is now much smaller than it used to be, but we are very happy to still carry a few of our favorite styles that we have offered at our shop for many years. And we are happy now to also offer one of our favorites online - the 1937. We love this style because of the adjustability in the waist with the cinch... not only is it convenient, it also gives the jeans a nice waistline and flattering fit. We also love the straight, easy leg. They are comfortable and look great on. This style is unisex and works really well on both men and women. We have more information in our wardrobe section if you would like to see more :)

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