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We are excited to bring back our favorite cashmere gingham scarves this year after not having them for a couple years. And this time with some new colors! We show them above with different combinations of things as gift ideas. In the top photo we show the different colors of scarves with the Fog Linen mohair socks. We love the color combinations these make together. In the second photo, we show a variety of cold weather essentials with the gingham scarves. Starting at the bottom left is the neutral gingham scarf with the Makié ribbed leggings. These make a lovely gift together and both are so warm and comfy. Above that is the green gingham scarf with the red mohair socks. This is a fun seasonal color combination! To the right is the navy gingham scarf with the pink mohair socks. We love the blue, red and pink together in this gift combination. At the bottom right is the Hakne ribbed stockings in charcoal, the Hakne Uruguayan wool gloves and the red gingham scarf. All beautiful, cozy and warm! There are many different combinations that can be made with all the colors these pieces come in. You can see everything in our wardrobe section <3

A note on shipping - we are shipping every week day. Many times we are able to get orders out the same day they are placed. Typically, if you order by noon MST, we are able to get your order out the same day. All weekend orders ship on Mondays. If you have any special requests for your order, you can leave us a note at checkout - we will receive your request and if we have any questions, we will email you. If we have no questions, we will ship right off according to your request. An email later can be missed, so please don't forget the note :) Thank you so much for your orders. We take care a lot of care in packing and are happy to send them off to you efficiently :)

And we continue to be open every day until Christmas! Thank you for visiting - it's so nice to see everyone <3

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