May 25, 2023 | 0 Comments

We are so happy to share that our Susan Hats are here! These hats have been a work in progress for a very long time, so we are thrilled that we are finally able to share them with you! They were inspired many years ago by our lifelong family friend Susan. Susan has amazing style and we have spent many early mornings with her at different flea markets around Los Angeles where she lives. She is always sending us the best cards that she makes from vintage photos or postcards... and our vintage hanger collection at the shop has mostly been found by Susan. Years ago, she sent me a photo of school kids all wearing the same sun hat. The image has stayed with me and over the years we have slowly designed a hat with this initial inspiration in mind. And now it is here! It has a high crown and a wide brim that can easily be pushed up in the front, back, or on the side. It is durable, easy to fold and pack... our dream hat for walking the dog, trips to the sea, picnics, you name it. It looks great on - we have shared photos of the samples on different friends over the last few years. And here it is on Chloe - the natural version with the tomato red Apuntob linen coat. The hat comes in 5 colors - natural, hot pink, marine blue, navy and black. They are sprinkled throughout our wardrobe section if you would like to see more :)

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