Astier de Villatte

October 29, 2022 | 0 Comments

We were so happy to visit the Astier de Villatte workshop again this September during our most recent trip to Paris. It is a space that feels magical... industrious and full of imagination. We love so much what Astier makes because undeniably the finished pieces are incredibly beautiful... and also because the whole project is a genuine endeavor created and recreated time after time by two artists and their beautiful team. What a wonderful story - as students studying sculpture at Les Beaux Arts, Benoit Astier de Villatte and Ivan Pericoli met and started making ceramics with the black clay from the outskirts of Paris that they were using in their sculpture classes. They created a ceramics company and from there their creative projects have since continually blossomed with such a beautiful combination of curiosity, openness, inventiveness and care. There is a wide breadth of articles/interviews about/with AdV and the founders themselves, so we don't want to be repetitive... but just thought to share our love for who they are and what they make. You can always tell when a business is run by artists - it feels different, it feels exciting and genuine. One of the best things about every beautiful piece they make is tracing it back to the spark that commenced its making and the trail it then followed to end up as a piece in your hands. A piece you can use, and one that brings a certain beauty to your environment. Whether it's a cup you drink out of every morning or a platter you serve special meals on. Or perhaps a set of plates you use daily that make you happy. That's what it's all about.... joy in the making of it all, and joy in the use of finished pieces. A big thank you to Astier for having us (And so sweetly Lucien as well - he was very moved and impressed!).

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