Astier de Villatte Encens

May 21, 2020 | 0 Comments


Sharing with you this short film made by North Sea Air about the making of Astier de Villatte Incense. It is such a delight to watch and we hope it brings some beauty to your day. It's amazing to think about the chains of production we all support. When something is sustainably made like this - with years, decades, centuries of learned skill and expertise - it is something to admire and it's important to protect. We love that Astier de Villatte finds projects like this where they work in collaboration with those who have special know how and traditional ways of producing to bring us the most well made, delightful things. Lucky us!

We have many of the different scents of incense from Astier in our shop and online. The inspiration for the scents comes from places that the founders and designers of the company love. From Yakushima to Porte de Lilas... to Tucson! The scents travel the world :) To think that on the island of Awaji, they make the scent of our hometown Tucson - that feels extraordinary! 

North Sea Air makes such beautiful short films - you can find more of their work, including other films about Astier de Villatte on their website here. Have fun exploring! 

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