chemises de nuit

July 07, 2018 | 0 Comments

Back from France... and with treasures! We had the most wonderful trip- it was as always, incredibly inspiring. There's something special that happens when you pluck yourself out of your normal world and enter a new one. It's indescribable really. And if you can stay a while and really let everything sink in, the affect is immeasurable. We go every summer to stay with family and while we are there I try to find special things for the shop. This year, I found a great collection of chemises de nuit. They are stunning. We love to wear these as dresses in the summer... and layer with black stockings and black oxfords in the winter. I also found the hats in the pictures above. They were really a fun find- the man I got them from works for the theatre in Paris and had every kind of hat you could imagine. He was fun to talk with :) Adventures at the flea market <3 

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