Don Carney & Patch NYC

April 08, 2024 | 0 Comments

We are so looking forward to welcoming our friends from Patch NYC to the shop to celebrate our 20th year in business on Friday, April 19. Don Carney and John Ross - founders of Patch NYC - have inspired us from the very beginning of our shop. My mom and I are celebrating 20 years together... but she started it all 5 years before that with a sweet & small location, chickens in the backyard... a magical little space that she created with mostly her determination and heart. It was during this time that I would join her for buying trips and daily phone conversations as I was finishing at university and taking first steps out in the world. We met Don & John on one of these buying trips and we immediately fell in love... with them and with their work. I was also then living in New York and at that time they had the most beautiful jewel box of a shop in the west village. I would make bi-monthly walks to their sweet place to see all they were creating... as it was ever-changing, always new and exciting. When we started carrying their work, they were making these wonderful figures out of vintage flowers and fabric, pipe cleaners... they were dazzling in their beauty, so useful for the eye and sense of delight. We once unintentionally broke into a show they were exhibiting at before the opening hour, as we were so excited to see what new special things awaited us on the other side of the entrance steps... haha oops! We were dedicated from the start. As true artists do, Don and John have always been creating new things - whether it's something they design together for Patch NYC in the way of scarves, incense holders, pillows, jewelry... or as individual artists in the way of Don's ink drawings, or beautifully framed stitched artwork that for a time was a collaboration between Don and his mom Carmella as well as John's calligraphy work. We had a show for both Don & John about 15 years ago - that included Don's ink drawings, and all the other special things they were making at the time. It was so much fun, and we were so happy to welcome them to Tucson. As we were thinking about our 20th anniversary and how to celebrate, we thought about how we would love it if they would be up for working on a new collection to show at the shop. Lucky us, they were completely up for it.... and Don was excited to work on a special collection of ink drawings. He is deep in the throws of his work at the moment and has been sending us photos of it all in progress. We are sharing a few photos above. We are thrilled to have this show for our dear friends... the work is looking incredible - we can't wait to see it on our shop walls and share it with you! I will be sharing more about Don's history and work tomorrow, and in the meantime, if you would like to see more you can go here for Patch NYC and here for Don Carney's artwork.

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