gift idea <3

December 11, 2017 | 0 Comments

It feels special to receive something that is so beautifully wrapped and brings incredible scent to your home for lots of time to come. Astier de Villatte incense can be just that gift. It is made by Astier in collaboration with a Japanese family business that has been making incense for 100s of years. It is truly lovely. Before we carried it, I was given a box as a gift and I remember my excitement because it was so exquisite looking... and then to have its elegant smell filling our house felt like such a treat. There are 150 sticks in each box and they burn for 30 minutes each. A new batch of incense has arrived, so we have available all that is shown above.We also have the Marie Antoinette and smoking lion incense holders that are wonderful pieces to use. You can also use any small glass or jar with sand in the bottom to burn your incense. 

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