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November 14, 2017 | 0 Comments

This week we bring you gift ideas of special things that are available on our website. (This is a day late... apologies- we were having technical difficulties at the end of the day yesterday). 

1. Cotton Robe- this is a beautiful dressing gown- it has such a lovely fit that is very flattering. It's great to feel good... even in your robe and pajamas! And what a treat to be given a beautiful robe! Made of 100% organic cotton batiste. Available here.

2. Cotton Towels- these are wonderful cotton towels with pom poms lining the edges. They're fantastic. We would even wear one as a light scarf. Available here.

3. Wool/Silk Scarves- these are our favorite scarves- favorite size, favorite feel, favorite fibers. Made of 85% wool, 15% silk- these make a lovely gift. They are available in 4 colors that you can see in our online shop. We wear them wrapped twice with a small tie... and when we are visiting colder places, we layer them with a bigger scarf on top. They bring warmth and style! Available here.

4. Alpaca Fingerless Gloves and Hats- ah! beautiful and warm. We love the ample, rustic feel of these... and imagine wearing them with everything from a very delicate silk dress in white (we are getting one of these!)... to casual day wear. They're fantastic and a favorite find this year! Hats are available here, gloves here

5. Hand Embroidered Pins- These beautiful, fun pins are made in France. We think these would make a wonderful, fun gift on their own or in a stocking. Available here.

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