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December 13, 2019 | 0 Comments

There are so many special things at the shop right now. Everything we choose for our shop, we choose because we love it. We think that it is wonderful to give gifts that are beautifully made and special. Something that will stand the test of time and bring back memories. In the first photo, we show our favorite shoes - Repettos - of which we have many colors and styles. A special pair of shoes makes a wonderful gift! Also shown is a cashmere plaid scarf. We live in plaid scarves through the winter, so we were very happy to find these classic plaids by a Japanese designer- working with fair trade practices in Kathmandu. These plaids are just fantastic. The strong color looks great mixed with all sorts of other colors. They come in a scarf size and a shawl size. For men and women! You can see these all in the wardrobe section of our website. Also shown is a velvet bow hair clip from France. Sweet and lovely. It is resting on a small Astier de Villatte dish. Below that are fun little mirrors by John Derian. These really come in handy! We have a wonderful collection of socks at the moment- and two of them are shown next to the mirrors. These are men's socks, but can work on women also. You can see more of these in our gift section in our online shop. And above that are wonderful neckerchiefs by Fog Linen. These fit around the neck with a little tie at the front. They are made of 100% linen. 

Thank you again for shopping small. I know that we ourselves are so thankful for all the small businesses we shop at-  for gifts... groceries, everything. We have a small market close to where we live that is so beautifully put together with incredible local produce and wonderful products from all over the world (Time Market in Tucson ... and now Rincon Market too!). We do daily grocery shopping there and everytime we think of how lucky we are that it is there. It makes life more enjoyable- it makes grocery shopping an enriching experience. We are so thankful for the cheese expert there who can help us find exactly what we are looking for... and if they don't have it, he tries to get it for us.... while letting us sample something close in flavor. I tend to think this is where the future is at- that we need these interactions with passionate people and places to feel human and alive. We certainly feel that we get to have such wonderful interactions with the most interesting people... we are lucky to know you! It's a circle that keeps going around. We can't thank you enough. 

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