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November 12, 2021 | 0 Comments

A few lovely gift ideas <3 All the scarves shown above come in multiple colors - we show the blue variations, but the different colors also mix nicely with different colored gloves and socks. 

1. Moismont wool floral scarf in navy, Nishiguchi Kutsushita wool handwarmers in navy, and the Hakne silk knee high socks in ivory. These socks are warm and feel so nice against the skin. 

2. Moismont wool gingham scarf in dutch blue, Hakne Uruguayan wool gloves in mocha, and Hakne silk knee highs in oatmeal. These colors look beautiful together. The wool gloves have the nicest feel to the them - they are soft, sturdy and very warm.

3. Scarlette night dress in white with the Nishiguchi Kutsushita wool socks in grey. We love this night dress for sleeping - and it is so nice to layer in the winter with leggings and cozy socks. 

4. Moismont wool scarf with floral edge, Nishiguchi Kutsushita wool hand warmers, and the handmade deerskin moccasins. These are all such lovely pieces. The hand warmers are so cozy and can be layered on top of full gloves for a lot of extra warmth. The moccasins are always a favorite at our shop. We are low on sizes again, but more should be arriving in a couple weeks. The scarf is wonderful with it's sweet floral edging. The color is a grey/blue  <3 

All these pieces are throughout our site - some in our wardrobe section, some in gift :) 


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