gift ideas- for those who love to cook continued...

October 31, 2016 | 0 Comments

For this Monday's gift guide, we are sticking to special things for the kitchen... as it seems like this is what we think about a lot this time of year. 1.- Laguiole knife sets, made in France. We just received these, and think they make wonderful gifts. There is a carving set, a bread and cake cutting set and a cheese set- all beautifully made. 2.- Like the honey jars we have had in the past, we now have sugar jars... a handy thing to keep in a cupboard or on the counter. Also shown here is a glass carafe with a woven cover and handle. This is great for syrup, cream or wine. 3.- The honey jar we just mentioned- more are now in the shop! These are a favorite at the shop. 4.- Useful brushes, made in Japan. These are great at recovering oatmeal pots as a friend and customer once told us. We love that they work really well- and also the fact that they look incredible! 5.- More latte bowls have arrived- as shown in this picture. These are great to give as a set of four and we also like to give one filled with little treats. 

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