gift ideas: more for the little ones

December 18, 2017 | 0 Comments

Treasures for the little ones. We believe in sharing beauty from the beginning... inspiring stories, incredible textures, delightful objects that spark the imagination. These things cultivate curious minds - at any age! We keep a children's section at our shop for this reason- we find that although there are incredible things out there for children, they can be hard to find. There are shops though- dedicated to special things for children- like Acorn Toy Shop in Brooklyn... what a play land! We don't have a whole shop dedicated to this, but we like to offer what we can in the space we have for children. I am posting here some of the special things we have in at the moment that would make great gifts. The little jackets are one of the things we are cherishing. They are quilted cotton- making them soft and cozy. They are just beautiful! We also have a great batch of little towels with bunnies, apples, kitties, peas in a pod or strawberries on them. There are also wonderful duck snow globes, and some fantastic books with the most incredible illustrations <3

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