Ginny <3

August 25, 2021 | 0 Comments

Sharing with you this morning, a portrait of someone very special to us - our good friend Ginny. Many of you know Ginny from coming into the shop or having spoken with her on the phone. Ginny has worked with us at the shop for seven years and we are beyond grateful for her presence and all she brings first as a friend and also as our work comrade. She inspired the Ginny dress, and we thought it would be so fun to take a portrait of her wearing it. We also wanted to share a bit about her beautiful life and interest in design. We first met Ginny when she moved to Tucson from Santa Fe. She came into the shop and we all became fast friends. Not long after, we asked if she would like to work with us and she has been such a gift to us for so many reasons. Ginny has had a rich history in design - working in commercial and residential interior design for many years in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Corrales. She also had a gallery in Old Town Albequerque for 13 years where she represented many artists from Santa Fe and from across the United States. She loved the relationships she had with all the incredible artists she represented at her gallery. From talking to her about the experience, it is these relationships that meant the most to her during this time. She is someone who cares deeply about the people around her and the experiences she has with them. Ginny has also done a lot of work in visual display and custom design for different shops in Corrales and Santa Fe. At one point, she was managing El Paso Imports Company. We talked about what she loves about design and she said she believes we live in an exciting time because there aren't too many barriers. You can help people figure out who they are and how they want to live their lifestyle and make it happen with them. It's not just about having pretty surroundings - the interesting part is the personal touch, which it all goes back to. We have witnessed Ginny many times helping clients figure out what would be a good fit for them, how it would mix into their surroundings and options they can play with. It is inspiring to watch because she really has a talent for putting things together in personal ways. She was telling us about a design course she taught at University of New Mexico, Albuquerque - the first thing she told her class was that there would be no rules - the goal would be to design by figuring out the life you or your client wants to live and making it happen. It's about carving out a place of comfort and warmth. She then went on to speak of personal style, saying she doesn't have a lot of history with fashion. I told her that what she has is so much more than fashion - it's personal and it's style. And she truly has it - Ginny is always stunning, and always bringing some fun with the way she puts pieces together. Her style reflects who she is. The Ginny Dress was inspired by her after talking about different designs I was working on. She spoke of thoughts for something she would love and it propelled me into thinking about that and what the final piece could look like. She is photographed above in the navy seersucker version of this dress. She asked what she should wear it with for our photos and we told her to wear it the way she normally would. She came to my mom's house for our morning together and she was wearing it as in the portrait above. She looks so striking, we just love the way she puts it together. Ginny has it on with a Native American brooch, a beautiful silver cuff by Santa Fe Jeweler Deborah Colona Houser, and a variety of rings - some vintage and some by contemporary designers. We share with Ginny the interest in the personal touch - imagining your world and creating what you see. We are so lucky for her in our lives - we hope you enjoy this portrait of her. And thank you Ginny, for all you do and all you are! We <3 you!


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