J. Morgan Puett Continued ....

September 27, 2018 | 0 Comments

The textures we surround ourselves by, and that we wear make the daily fabric of our lives. It matters in the richness of our daily experience. Not to mention pieces of quality last a lifetime and are timeless - as seen in this vintage collection of J. Morgan Puett- works from a visionary’s eye and execution. Forever pieces, only getting better with time. Thank you for all who have supported this endeavor so far- to help the Madrean Archipelago Wildlife Center. Our proceeds from the sale of these pieces have gone straight into the careful hands of those working to create wildlife education and rehabilitation ❤️ it’s an awesome project- a giant thank you!!

In these pictures, Heather wears a fabulous Linen Jacket and the brass snap trousers <3 - incredible pieces by J. Morgan Puett. 

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