Mother's Day Ideas

April 22, 2020 | 0 Comments

We have just added some wonderful additions to our gift section ~ we have chosen these new pieces because they are things we can all use right now and they would also be a lovely gift to send your mom for Mother's Day. A little pampering would surely make her day in this moment. We just received a new batch from Los Poblanos - they make wonderful products on their lavender farm in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The lavender they use in their products is grown on their beautiful farm. They have been working on a hand sanitizer for over a year, and what a perfect time for it to come out! We need it! It has lavender essential oil and rose water for an aromatherapeutic boost. We also received more of their incredible hand salve. This feels so nice on dry hands. We also added some new body brushes that are made of sisal hemp fibers. Any of these new additions are great gifts on their own, and are also a nice pairing with a beautiful pair of pajamas or handmade moccasins, also in our gift section. There is a multitude of special things in our online shop that we think make wonderful gifts, but pointing these things out as we think they are little indulgences that can go a long way. 

We are making Mother's Day packages extra special with special wrapping and an additional gift of Los Poblanos lip salve from us tied to the gift. We are doing this right up until safe shipping time for the holiday. These dates are May 5 for those out of state and May 7 for those in state (Mother's Day is May 10). Write in your mom's address for the shipping address and leave us a note at checkout with the message you would like to include on her card, and we will make sure she receives a special package for Mother's Day. We had one client let us know that they couldn't find a spot to leave us a note - if you have this trouble, simply send your note to us at right after you place your order. We are shipping quickly, so make sure to get this to us - we are double checking emails and making sure all the i's are dotted! :) Sending love to you and your mom's. I am going to try to do a special post on my mom in the coming days <3 I am so lucky for her! 

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