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December 28, 2017 | 0 Comments

In thinking of the definition of beauty, my mind goes straight to the idea of mystery. Something unknown, something you want to know more of... but there is a void of knowledge- or perhaps it just lies in an unattainable space. What we have are the impressions of something that we are unsure of... something that makes us wonder and long for more. I think we are always trying to capture this in our pictures, but for this series in particular, the idea of mystery is very present. We had thoughts of procession, ceremony and ritual on our mind. As the year comes to a close, it seems fitting to think about the things that keep us inspired, alive!... our own rituals and the things that fill our daily lives with imagination. We are excited to keep all this going in the new year.... and we hope you are too! 

This photo series was a blast to shoot (in fact there are two- a color series and a black and white- #8 and #9 in our shop gallery) - we worked in collaboration with our dear friend, Kate Edmonson. Shortly before the shoot, we were attaching flowers to tulle like madmen... hoping they wouldn't die before we were able to capture them adorning our models. This was shot in Barrio Viejo- the historic neighborhood where our shop resides. This is a beautiful neighborhood in Tucson with old adobe walls lining the streets. 

You can see the whole series and credits here. We hope you enjoy looking! 


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