ornaments <3

November 17, 2018 | 0 Comments

The shop is full of treasures! Special, beautiful things to make your holidays festive. We've had lots of calls for photos of more ornaments, so we are trying to keep you updated here :) You can also see our "stories" on instagram to see more <3 Shown here are all types of blown glass ornaments... new bugs, sunflowers, champagne bottles, etc!!! Also mushroom surprise balls! Imagine finding one of those in your stocking <3 

We do ship ornaments- the easiest way to order is to call- 520-795-2272... or you can email us also- bonboutique@gmail.com. We get orders out right away- our shipping is done daily with priority USPS- you can expect your orders within a few days of ordering <3  Thank you so much for all your interest- it. has been so fun to share the excitement with you!! <3

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