November 24, 2020 | 0 Comments

We are so moved by this beautiful collection of one of a kind pearl pieces that our friend River of Riversong made for our shop. Every piece is stunning, elegant and one of a kind. They are never made the same way twice... and the pearls, many of which are antique, are lucky finds that are truly special. I say lucky finds... but in actuality, we know that River works tirelessly to find all the special stones in her collections. We love that she skips big gem shows and travels to the source- having many closely held relationships in far flung places that she nurtures and cares deeply about. We put up some of these pieces yesterday, and as they have sold out, we just replaced them - as we weren't finished photographing everything. There are stunning earrings and necklaces. We love River's work with pearls- the pieces are all so elegant, pretty and timeless. You can see more in our wardrobe section. 

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