Pip Squeak Shirts

June 12, 2020 | 0 Comments

We have just received a small shipment of Pip Squeak Chapeau boy shirts. We decided to get both the regular length and long length - as we love both and find that it's nice to have the option of different lengths. These are an all time favorite shirt of ours - we wear them as part of our uniform. They are versatile, comfortable, and easy to wear. They have buttons all the way down, buttons at the cuff- like a classic button down shirt. We received them in cotton batiste- this is a favorite fabric of ours in these shirts because it is great year round. In the summer, it is nice and light, yet still covers your arms - and the lightness allows for the sleeves to be easily rolled without feeling heavy. This fabric is also great in the winter because you can layer it, tuck it in... all without bulk. We have carried this shirt in both lengths off and on since Pip Squeak started making them... even when she has quit making the long version, we were lucky that she was able to still make them for us. We try to keep them in stock, but that can be a hard task. We have them now and every size is currently available in our online shop - wardrobe section :) 

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