red plaid <3

December 06, 2018 | 0 Comments

What a dream dress! We are beyond thrilled about this red plaid- the fabric is a beautiful linen with a life of its own in this fantastic plaid. I was in France this past summer when ordering this dress and I remember being so excited about it- showing everyone at the table <3 This is one of Ichi's iconic shapes- it's oversized with fitted arms. It is so comfortable to wear and has an elegance that is achieved by the fit. It just stands out. And this red plaid.... ooooh! Wear it with the patent jazz shoes from Repetto... or the pointy toe Repetto ankle boots... or anything! It looks great with a black sweater and stockings. We can't recommend this dress enough. A favorite! <3 

We also have shirts and scarves in the same plaid... and navy blue plaid dresses and shirts <3 

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