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February 21, 2019 | 0 Comments

How we love Repetto! There are many things that we take into consideration when we decide to start carrying a line or collection in our shop. Craftsmanship is probably of utmost importance as this then translates into durability and beauty. We also love things that can be used in different ways... where a certain level of inventiveness is inherently expected of the person using or wearing the item. We think it's super important that we can all interpret things our own way- using or wearing things differently depending on our individual style. Longevity is another important element for us- and by this we mean things that are not only durable, but stand the test of time when it comes to style. Things that can be used or worn a new way with new ideas as time goes on. There are some classic brands we carry in our shop that encompass all these things we look for. Repetto is one of them. They are not just the shoe of the season... or of the moment. They always look good, and can be worn so many different ways. We have been carrying Repetto for a long time and our shipments excite us anew every time. 

A bit about the history of Repetto- Rose Repetto started her company making ballet shoes in 1947 and it evolved to include street shoes in 1956 at Brigitte Bardot's request. In the 70's, Serge Gainsbourg took an interest in the zizi style which is the jazz shoe. It became part of his uniform and you can find many photos of him wearing this shoe. My favorite is a photo of him wearing an all denim outfit with white zizi's. It's such a  striking look. Soon after the beginning of the company, Rose Repetto started a factory in Dordogne France where the shoes were made using a stitch and return method. This means the sole is stitched inside out and returned- this technique makes them all that they are- comfortable, durable, and beautiful. It also gives the look of a very flat shoe with a very minimal sole, when in fact, half of the sole is inside the leather upper. The shoes are all still made in this workshop in Dordogne- it has been expanded and a training school has been added to thoroughly teach the craftsmanship and savoir faire necessary to make these incredible shoes. Repetto still has its core of making ballet and pointe shoes while also making the street shoes.

We have been wearing Repetto ourselves for years and we can't recommend them enough. We love the comfort (putting on a Repetto shoe is like the feeling of your foot slipping into the softest glove), the beauty and timelessness. We also love coming up with new ways of wearing them- either with colored sock combinations or wearing them with a new pant length.... or trying a new color. The possibilities are endless <3 

If you ever have questions about Repetto, we are happy to help- you can call or email us. I think the most common questions are about sizing- if you can't try them on, typically, it's best to go up one size- for instance- a US 6 would wear a 37, 7 would wear a 38, etc. They should fit with the toe touching closely at the end- the feel of a dance shoe. They should be comfortable from the very start- these are shoes that are made so wonderfully for comfort- they are meant to feel this way from the beginning of wearing a new pair. 

In the photos above, we show two styles we have at the shop. How fantastic is the deep redish brown jazz shoe and its friend- the patent leather ballet flat with a higher rise. We are in love with these. We also have a great pink suede and a new batch of white zizi's along with all the other classics we carry <3 

We know many of you know the story of Repetto... and many of you also wear them yourselves and share in our excitement. We wanted to share this information because we think the details are fascinating... and for those who are unfamiliar with the story of Repetto, it is a beautiful one- where things are made impeccably with over 70 years of refinement and expertise. <3 


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