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We are sharing more photos here of the Tanno coats mentioned below. Designed and made by Don Kimon Lightner, these are very special pieces that we are honored to have in our shop. The craftsmanship, the vintage fabrics used, the buttons, the sashiko... all these elements makes these coats so beautiful. Each one is one of a kind. This one shown in the photos above is made of a vintage khaki cotton with an Indian cotton plaid lining. The stitching is all by hand- including the designer's sashiko stitching all along the sleeves and pockets. It has antique buttons and hand stitched button holes. It's a stunning piece and looks great on. There is a photo of Heather wearing it in the previous post.

The coat above is made of vintage striped cotton, Indian chambray lining, and a beautiful plaid detailing for the inside pocket and sleeve lining. This has a lovely Peter Pan collar like the one above it. This piece, like all of them is hand stitched and has antique buttons. We love this worn with other stripes like in the photos below. 

... and this beautiful coat is made from vintage indigo from Mali, and a brown cotton lining. This piece has a shawl collar with a one button closure. It is stunning on! Hopefully you can see the other details in the fabric and construction in these photos. They are so beautifully made- cheers to Tanno! We have watched along the process of the construction of these coats and it has been inspiring to see Don's attention to detail, his careful choices and the many hours of work he put in to each piece (40 hours of sashiko in the first coat!). We have these available at the shop- if you have any questions or would like more photos, we are here and happy to help. 

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