Tucson by Astier de Villatte

August 02, 2021 | 0 Comments

Tucson incense and candles by Astier de Villatte have arrived back at the shop and are available again! We have restocked them in our gift section online. The Tucson scent was created after our friends from Astier came for a visit and absolutely loved Tucson. They were inspired from their experience here, to create a scent that rendered our city/town/desert. We all love it - it is truly a favorite... not only in our region, but around the world. 

Their description of the scent is wonderful -

"Planted in the Arizona desert, surrounded by giant cactuses with amazing shapes, stands Tucson. Wander downtown, along streets lined by colourful houses. Crushed by the heat, take a break in the shadow of a mesquite, watered by a little glass of mezcal. Intoxicating scents of the Far West float in the air: lightly smokey and sweet aromas of wild grasses, parched wood, immortelle flowers, and red earth, burnt by the sun."


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