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We are very happy to bring more of this wonderful dress into the shop. It disappeared quickly when we received our first batch and we were able to have more made ~ a lucky occurrence  <3 We have added it back into our wardrobe section at the top of the page. This is a great piece for Summer, and also with layers in the colder months. It's made of hand spun, handwoven cotton with an easy style that can be worn many different ways. A lovely, versatile piece. 


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Some favorite outtakes from series #15 <3 Photos by Kate Edmonson <3 


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<3 Heather and Chloe wear pieces by Manuelle Guibal, Sula, Caron Callahan, Bonne Maison & Maria La Rosa <3 Photo by Kate Edmonson from our series #18.


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As we mentioned in our last post, making these photo series is one way we like to honor the designers we carry and they are our expression of what we feel each year. When we can we also like to make special things for our series. Many times this means making something out of paper - which is something we love to do. This time it was the dress and hats shown above. These pieces are made of wool felt squares that we stitched onto tulle and from there we made the dress and the hats. We were inspired by the location of where we were going - White Sands, New Mexico. We imagined a symmetrical pattern (but only by eye) against the backdrop of the natural landscape - the white of the pieces matching that of the sand. Chloe wore this dress with the Sula Sunshiny Dress underneath which was a lovely combination. The pieces we made were only for fun, only for the desire to make them - and in the process new ideas came for our small clothing collection that will be made as wearable pieces. We are working on these for next year. One thing leads to the next, always! The movement of the hands brings the movement of the mind <3

Thank you Kate for helping with these pieces <3 It was such a pleasure to make them for this series and to collaborate not only on the photos, but also the ideas for all of it <3 www.kate-edmonson.com



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Some favorite photographs from our series #15 with Kate Edmonson. There are many reasons we love to make these photo series each year. One reason being that we want to honor the designers we work with, who we admire and who's work we have a deep appreciate for. Each piece that we choose for our shop has a chain of process rooted in exploration, care and attention. All down the line, from the inception of the idea, the initial drawings, sample making... to showing, making orders, producing over the course of 6 months - each step is integrated with the next... each one taking time, passion and care. Once we choose for our shop, and once our choices have been delivered months later, the care is then in our hands. We get so excited seeing the pieces in person again and we start to imagine how we see them being worn, how we would mix pieces by the different designers we carry, how pieces can be worn from one season to the next... etc... we think a lot about all of this! Making these series is a way for us to pay tribute to all the brilliance and work that brings each piece to life. That is the departure point for us- this inspiration bringing forth our ideas to share all this special work by these beloved designers with you! 

The slip dresses above are by Sula, one of the very first designers we starting carrying in our shop 18 years ago. Sula makes the most incredible, easy to wear pieces in luxurious silks and cottons - the colors of which always stand out and which lend so much to the design of each piece. The shoes are by Repetto - a mainstay at our shop because of the wonderful history of the brand, the savoir-faire, durability and beauty of the shoe. Also a mainstay because they are our personal favorite shoes... and our daily choice for what to put on our feet! The socks are by Maria la Rosa who makes the most beautiful socks in all sorts of variations. 

The models are our friends Chloe LaDuke and Heather Walker. All photos are by Kate... a true collaborator going on many years of working together when we can. We love Kate's work and love that our friendship makes it all the more fun and meaningful. You can see a bit more of her work at www.kate-edmonson.com.